How to call and download : Tubidy

Everyone has the same opportunity to make and upload music to many music platforms available. But you just need Tubidy to convert any music video you want to MP3 format and download it to your device.

This way you can build your music library with many of your favorite songs. Best of all, you can collect them all without spending money, as this site can give them to you for free.

What to prepare

Building a music library means you have to provide enough storage space to keep all the songs you want. If your internal storage isn’t enough, you can use another way to maintain it. Usually the best alternative is the use of an SD card.

But if you download it with a laptop or computer, the storage space is larger than on mobile vices, so you’ll worry less about it. Here is a list of important things to prepare:

1. Storage

To save all the songs for your music library, you need plenty of storage. If you are using a mobile device, it is better to use an SD card with more storage space than the internal storage capacity. But if you use a computer or laptop, then storage will certainly not be a problem.

2. Internet connection

Of course, to download all the songs on Tubidy, you need an Internet connection. How capable he is better. This is to avoid interference when downloading songs. Especially if you download a lot of songs, a good and stable internet connection will make the process faster and easier.

3. Download list

To make the download process faster, you need to make a list of the songs you want. Try to have a complete list not only of the title of the song, but also of the singer or the name of the band. Or you can add other information, such as the name of the album or the year it was released.

The full information will help the system search for your exact song and make it easier for you to choose the right one from the list it provides. There are many songs that have the same title, although they were released by another singer or band.

4. Removable device

T ubidy provided two options for formats and file sizes to accommodate all the different devices. So, first of all, you need to check your device.

  • Is your device’s operating system Android or iOS?
  • Are you using a mobile device, computer or laptop?
  • Is your phone up to date with the latest system or is it an old phone?

Knowing everything, this will make it easier for you to choose the format and file size of the songs you plan to download. Because the old phone will most likely require a smaller file size or can only receive an MP3 format. Please check to make sure.

If you’re using an iOS mobile device, you should connect to any computer with iTunes installed. To prepare for the download, do the synchronization.

Android devices will be easier as you can directly signal the downloaded songs on your device. Even if you’re using a computer or laptop, transferring the file to your Android phone requires only a USB cable.

How to call and download

Having reviewed all the important steps mentioned above, now is the time to start collecting. This site can convert music videos to MP3 or Mp4 formats. This is the step to do this:

  • Go to the Tubidy website .
  • You will find a search bar on the main page. Use them to search for your songs.
  • There are two ways to search for your song. You can type the title of the song into the search bar, OR you can paste a URL link to the music video you want from another platform.
  • Click the search icon and wait for the system to work.
  • After a few seconds, the system will give you a list of songs with the same title you are looking for. Choose the right one you want.
  • You’ll be given options whether you want to download the song or just listen to it online. Since you want to download it, click the download button.
  • The next step is to choose the form. Will it be MP3 or MP4? Choose one.
  • You will be given a choice of file sizes. For MP3 files, the choices range from 64 kbps to 320 kbps. For MP4 it will be from 144p to 1080p. Click on the one you choose.
  • Click the download button and wait for the system to convert the file you selected.
  • Once the process is complete, you can download it directly to your device.

Repeat the same steps until all the songs on your list are complete. Don’t worry, Tubidy won’t charge you to pay for every song you download, no matter how many there are. This site will not give any restrictions on listening or downloading online.


Through the explanations mentioned above, you can see that this site is free, easy to use, and has a large collection of songs. You rarely have trouble finding a song. While the music video or song you want is available on other music platforms, you’ll find it here.

The large collection includes many types of musical genres, from many different languages and with many variations of musical instruments. You can find traditional songs using traditional musical instruments, or the latest songs and music videos on YouTube.

If the song you like is in a different language than English, don’t worry. You can type the singer’s or band’s name into the search bar when you search for the song. Before downloading, listen to it first to make sure it’s the right song you’re looking for.

You can share the song you downloaded from Tubidy, but keep in mind that every song is copyrighted on it. Therefore, you are free to share them with friends and family, but please do not use any of them for commercial purposes.

There is a copyright issue and legal issues that lead to these songs. But if it’s a pleasure for you, go for it. Building a music library won’t be a problem now, is it?